Tips for Leaving Your Older Cat in a Cattery


Holidays are lots of fun for humans, but the same can't always be said for cats. Older cats can find trips to the cattery stressful and upsetting, so it's important to take steps to make sure your kitty is as safe and comfortable as possible. Choose a cattery that's licensed and adheres to local regulations, and visit beforehand if you can - this will give you the best idea of whether or not it's right for your cat. Once you've decided on the cattery, you'll need to carry out some careful planning. Follow the tips below to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Make sure your cat is vaccinated

It's important to make sure that your cat is up to date on all of their vaccinations before leaving them at the cattery. This ensures the safety of both your cat and the other cats staying there, eliminating the risk of illnesses being passed from cat to cat. It's a good idea to take your cat to the vets for a quick check-up before their stay. You can ask the vet for advice on vaccinations, and make sure that your cat doesn't have any health issues that might bother them while you're away.

Provide special senior cat food for them

If your cat usually eats special 'senior' cat food, then make sure you provide enough of this to last your cat's entire stay. If you don't provide food, your cat will be fed standard food, which might not be as good for them. Senior cat food contains vitamin E to boost your cat's immune system, less calories than regular food to prevent them from becoming overweight, and plenty of protein. Being able to eat the food that they're used to at home will reassure your cat while they're in a strange new environment.

Leave clear instructions regarding medication

Older cats can suffer from a variety of health issues. If your cat takes medication, make sure you provide the cattery with clear instructions on how often it should be administered. If there's a special trick you use to encourage your cat to take their medicine, let the staff know. You should also provide contact details for your vet, in case of medical emergency.

Provide comforting items from home

Your cat will be comforted by familiar items. Leave their favourite blankets and toys from home to make them feel safe. You could even leave an item of your clothing that's not been washed -- it will retain your scent and help your cat to feel more relaxed.  


17 March 2017

Keeping my cat safe

I work away for 2 weeks, then come home for 2 weeks. I decided to get a cat because I'd thought they'd be OK with spending time by themselves, but I seemed to choose the most needy cat in the shelter. He started doing some protest wees on my bed while I'm away, which is not much fun. I've started putting my cat in a boarding kennel when I'm away so there is someone to play with him while I'm away and make sure that he gets all the attention that he needs. Hopefully he'll be happier when I get home, and I know I'll be a lot happier with a clean bed!